The Pretty And The Mayhem: 8.03.2015

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Happy Sunday!

How is your weekend going? Tomorrow’s a public holiday here which means we all get to sleep in for an extra day, yay! As the next few weeks are set to be super busy, I’m trying to take it easy this weekend. I spent most of today in bed catching up on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (am I the only one who cries whilst watching every single episode?) and only got up to bake carrot cake cupcakes for afternoon tea. I felt a bit guilty for not enjoying the sunshine though so I think we’ll have to plan something slightly more exciting for tomorrow. Maybe I’ll move from my bed to the rooftop terrace or something ;)

If you’re also in a relaxing mood, here are some great links to read in bed!

– Want to stay in a fabulous 200ft high penthouse overlooking the Nordic mountains? Then you need to enter this amazing Air BnB giveaway!

– Could these Emoji Easter eggs be any cuter? Just looking at them makes me smile.

– I’ve always been fascinated by the roaring 20’s and absolutely love the fashion from that era! Here’s how to add a little 20’s flair to your modern wardrobe.

– As someone who just joined Instagram, I found those tips on how to take the perfect Instagram photo quite useful. I also really enjoyed this article by The Nectar collective on how to grow your Instagram following. Do you have any additional tips for me?

– If you feel like whipping up something naughty-but-delicious today then look no further than this ‘super satisfaction ice cream sundae‘.

– What’s your style city? I got London!

– Who says dogs shouldn’t get fun birthday parties too?

– Hosting a party for St Patrick’s day? Then how about setting up an Irish inspired bar cart?

– These sugared rose petal cupcake toppers are just gorgeous, perfect for a mother’s day treat!

– My planters definitely need this girly makeover.

– Are you heading off on a tropical holiday? Here are some great tips on how to pack for hot & humid climates.

– Speaking of holidays, ‘Runway Chef’ also has some great tips on how to stay healthy whilst traveling!

– I really hope I’ll be able to carry out this ‘project gold‘ idea for my parents wedding anniversary one day, it’s such a lovely idea!

– Finally, if you’ve been feeling a little ‘blah’ lately here are 10 great ways to stay inspired and creative.

Have a great week! xx


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