The Pretty And The Mayhem: April 2014

Can you believe it’s May already? Is it just me or is this year just flying by? I can’t believe that in less than three weeks I’ll be going back to France for a holiday – I’m so excited! I want to escape this wintery southern hemisphere weather and get me a slice of sunshine!

In the meantime let’s have a little looksy at how April went, shall we? To be honest, considering how average I expected April to be (if you’re into Astrology you’ll know that it was a big month full of potential down days) it wasn’t a bad month at all. I wouldn’t say it was ‘stress-free’ but I still managed to get a lot done and share some pretty good times with Mark and our friends.

The Pretty

Fun dinner parties. Our friends came over to our house for a dinner party last week and we had such a great time that we ended up playing ‘dinner table topics’ and ‘cards against humanity’ until 2 am. It feels so great to have people over for dinner again. I feel like Melbourne is really becoming our home now!

Apple picking. Mark and I went apple picking last Saturday. It was beautiful out so it was the perfect day for it really. I kind of went a bit overboard though and brought home 7 kgs of apples! Expect an apple-based recipe (or three) very shorty.

Fun videos. Hollie, Lisa and I made another video together! I meant to publish it last week but ran out of time sorry. It should be going live this weekend though :)

New projects. I’m working on a new blogging project which I’m really excited about! I can’t say too much yet but I’ll be sharing more details soon I promise.

Awesome restaurants. Mark and I had been looking for a good Indian restaurant ever since we moved to Melbourne but everywhere we went in our area was always a bit too ‘European palate friendly’ and lacked a bit of zing. Then our friend Hollie took us to this little restaurant in Brunskiwck and it was amaz-ing. And so cheap! I love it when that happens, ha. She also took us to Naked for Satan, a fantastic rooftop bar in Fitzroy.

Great reads+watch. I read a fun book this month called ‘The shambling guide to NYC’. If you liked Buffy the vampire slayer or a bit of light urban fantasy then I reckon you should check it out! I also started reading ‘edible stories’ as per my friend’s Ashley’s recommendation and so far it’s really great.

I’ve also been watching quite a bit of TV; Mark and I are really into ‘Elementary’ at the moment and I’m super psyched that ‘Californication’ has started again. Mark is of course obsessed with ‘GOT’. Movie wise, I really enjoyed ‘Only lovers left alive’ and ‘Chinese puzzle’ (a french movie).

The Mayhem

Stress+Burn out. I went through a weird phase this month where I started to doubt everything I was doing with the blog. I started stressing out about silly little details and threw myself a little pity party of ‘no one cares/whatsthepointofthisanyway’. I still powered on through (thanks to the help/encouragement of my lovely friends – thank you!) and my excitement is definitely back!

Two eclipses+ a grand cardinal cross+ a Mars retrograde. Like I said earlier, April was an astrological minefield. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t base my whole life on astrology but it was interesting to see the effects of the eclipses etc. on myself and the people around me. Let’s just say things got a bit intense for a little while and I’m sure glad that time is over.

Other people’s children. Our neighbors have the cutest three year old. Well, he’s adorable when I see him out and about with his mum in the afternoon. Then he turns into my worst’s nightmare every morning when he starts screaming and stomping around at 5am (or 2am – he likes to mix it up).  I know he’s only being a kid and having fun but let’s just say I won’t miss him that much when we move out in June :)

How was your month of April? Have you got any big plans for May?


    • Hey Georgie, it was called ‘Kake di hatti’. The venue is not the best but the food was yummy. A good take away option maybe?

  • April was a whacky month but mostly in a good way for me… Although May is off to a shaky start which is typical of my life… Major highs & major lows. Please send me our astrology for the month if you get the chance! xx

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