The Pretty and The Mayhem 27.07.14

mark ryden painting
painting by Mark Ryden (see link below)

Happy Sunday!

How is your weekend going? It’s a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne today so I hope you’ll forgive me for making this note short and sweet. I just can’t wait to head outside for a long walk in the sunshine in the city! Also Open House Melbourne is happening this weekend so I’m keen to look through some of the city’s historical buildings and unique spaces (these are usually closed to the public so it’s a great opportunity to learn more about Melbourne!).

Before I go and soak up some vitamin D, here are some fun links I found on the internet this week!

33 struggles lazy girls know to be true. I’m totally guilty of #15 (and maybe a few others…).

♥ These gorgeous food instagram accounts made me soooo hungry.

♥ Don’t drink enough water? Here are some handy tips.

♥ Blake Lively launched her new blog last week and the reviews have been pretty ruthless. I have to admit though – this one by Entertainment Weekly had me in stitches. What do you think of her new blog?

♥ Cute vase.

♥ Looking for a fun idea for a food platter? Check out these gorgeous crostini!

♥ A montage of every brand ever mentioned in Sex and the City – these ladies shopped a lot.

♥ According to this quizz I’m blond and I have two children. Hum. Did it get anything right about you?

♥ This april fool’s food post on ‘how to boil water‘ cracked me up.

♥ This exhibition by Mark Ryden looked amazing.

12 ways to feel and look fantastic even when it’s face melting hot – I wish I had that problem right now! lol.

♥ A gorgeous makeup look: smokey purple eyelashes.

♥ On my to-bake-list this week: brioche mousseline , a decadent chocolate cake and homemade muesli.

♥ Should you wear ripped jeans? (+ some great styling inspiration)


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