The Pretty And The Mayhem:26.10.14

beautiful mess candy tray

Happy Sunday!

How is your weekend going? I hope that you’ll forgive me for making this a short post as my honey and I are celebrating our 7 year anniversary of being together today (we still celebrate both the day we met and the day we got married because we’re cheeseballs like that) so I have places to be, food to eat and champagne to drink!

But before I go, here are some fun links for you!

♥ This small temple nestled in an ancient grotto in Italy is simply amazing…

21 bobby pin hairstyles you can do in minutes

Why you should hang out with + date people you admire.

13 amazing closets from Pinterest. Oh to have that many shoes!

♥ I love the walls colors in this home.

How cute is this DIY record clutch?

♥ This post made me want to head back to Italy so bad. So many amazing experiences to be had over there…

13 fun idea for Halloween. Love the candy tray! Also – 50 best celebrity halloween costumes.

Which fictional high school do you belong in? I belong with Cher from Clueless apparently – As if! Related – what the cast of Clueless looks like now.

6 healthy ways to prepare for a beach vacation.

♥ On the menu this week: an avocado pancake stack, garlic spaghetti, and  a coconut kahlua cocktail.


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