The Stylish Tourist: Liyana From Glamourous Traveller


This is one of my ‘The stylish tourist’ interviews in which I chat to seasoned travelers about their travel fashion style and also take a peek at some of their past travel outfits. Today I’m very excited to be interviewing Liyana from ‘Glamorous Traveller‘ – as her fabulous blog name suggests, she’s the quintessential stylish traveler and has plenty of fabulous tips/stories to share with us!

What was your best ever holiday?
Ooooo! This is a toughie! I’ve had a lot of amazing trips over the years, but I guess one of my most memorable one has to be when I chased Northern Lights in Norway. It had been a lifelong dream and finally getting to see it in real life was truly simply, magical.

That being said, watching the World Cup in Brazil this year was definitely a very close second!


Are you a full suitcase or carry-on only kind of gal?
Definitely a carry-on kind of gal most of the time. I do at least two trips a month so have ‘perfected’ the art of perfect packing (I think). I like the efficiency of being able to just breeze through the airport before and after landing, and the ease of which I get to manage to get to and from my hotel.

My secret weapon is my two wheeler that can be expanded into a slightly medium sized bag. With it I can go shopping without any guilt and stuff it in and check in if I need to or still be able to do carry on only if I don’t see a lot of things I want to buy.


Do you have any favorite ‘packing hacks’?
Not so much a hack, but something I’ve noticed over the years is that if you’re limited by the space in your suitcase make sure to pack more tops than bottoms. People tend to remember tops quite a lot, not so much bottoms.

Other things to consider, those free shower caps in hotels make awesome shoe bags =)

Different Tops Same Bottom_GlamourousTraveller

What are two items of clothing you never travel without?
Does footwear count? I change my clothing and outfit choices quite significantly on a trip by trip basis as I think one should show love equally to all of one’s clothes =) Two things you would definitely see when I travel is a pair of flip flops and jewellery.

Flip flops are a must regardless of where I’m going be it city or beach, summer or winter as I tend to need them inside the hotel and god forbid those shared bathrooms! They’re a good staple to have on hand.
As for jewellery, I am a big big fan of bling and of how it can easily transform an outfit. They’re easy to pack, usually light (unless you bring big chunky ones) and reflect the many different travel personalities I may have on my trips.

What’s your travel fashion style like?
I like to think I am a Glamourous Traveller through and through. What that means is that I like to look at my best even when I’m traveling and to honor my personality and style. Nothing gets me more than seeing other tourists walk around a new country (or mine) looking like they just rolled out of a trash bin. It can be quite insulting to people around you as well as the country you are. It’s like a big sign that says “I don’t actually care about your country enough to present myself well”

Where is your favorite place to shop in the world?
It’s a cliché, but I love shopping in Paris! Apart from the fact that tourists get VAT back for any luxury items they buy (hence making designers so much cheaper to get there) I also love the range and myriad of vintage and second hand shops that are available. I went crazy plotting and trying to find the best ‘dépôt vente‘ in the city. My favorite find was a vintage Yves Saint Laurent dress that I got for 80 Euros!

The thing is, the world being what it is today, you can find very similar high street brands all over the world. But those vintage shops, with their single pieces of amazing are a wonderful great find.



What’s the best item you’ve ever bought overseas?
Apart from the vintage YSL dress, two of my favorite pieces were these aquatic blue dresses I found while speed shopping through St. Tropez. I only had two hours available so ran in and out of shops and didn’t over analyze my choices – thank god! I’ve never been happier with such a speedy shopping trip!

What’s your number 1 tip to stay stylish whilst on holiday?
Make sure to plan what you’re packing and to bring things you love wearing and going to be comfortable in. If you’re happy in what you wear it will reflect in how you carry yourself and how much you would enjoy your trip.

Could you imagine wearing those zip off khaki pants on a trip to Thailand having never even considered wearing them at home? You’re going to feel miserable especially if you see how everyone else is dressed in casual wear. You may also look it in pictures you take as well.

Stay true to who you are in your fashion choices either at home or when abroad and that’s already one thing to keep you happy whilst on the go.


Where will you go next?
Funny enough I’m writing this with my suitcase right next to me, ready to go on my trip to Koh Samui tonight. The upsides of being based in Singapore with easy access to so many places under four hours flight!

I’ll be heading up to Laos for Christmas and New Year, to Sydney and Noumea in January and then Turkey in February. There’s a few more trips in the pipeline right after that as well! What can I say, with limited days off from work one has to plan nice and early to optimize on annual leave!

Thank you for answering all my questions Liyana!

Liyana is the founder and owner of a website dedicated to her love of travel and fashion. She’s a firm believer that just because you’re travelling out of a backpack it doesn’t mean you need to look like a hobo.

She was born and raised in Malaysia and has travelled to more than 30 countries and lived in 5 different ones so far. She firmly believes home is where her shoes are and currently calls Singapore her closet re: home. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!


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