Shoe Confidential: The Top Ten Shoes You Should Own And Why

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This is a guest post by Caitlin Harrison from ‘Chasing Cait’. Caitlin is a fashion blogger, personal stylist and self-proclaimed shoe addict so who better than her to give you some advice on which shoes you should buy? Make sure to check out her blog and her Facebook page for more amazing fashion tips! x


Well we all know that Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life, so imagine what these 10 shoes could do! Here is my list of shoes that every girl should have in their wardrobe, shoe addict or not – so let’s go!

1. A classic black pump

Classic black pumps

Well duh – they go with (almost) everything! Get the heel height, toe shape and fabric that you like, but just make sure you get yourself a pair. From a job interview to a first date to a wedding, these shoes will have you covered.

2. A nude wedge

Nude wedges

How to make your legs look longer in one easy step! Find a nude that matches your skin tone as closely as you can. The nude part is all about blending into your leg, making it look longer, plus it is a great go-to colour to wear when you are wearing something printed or bright on top and don’t want your shoe to clash.

The wedge part is about flexibility and comfort – a wedge (generally) has more stability, is both day and night time appropriate, and if you find a good one, will last you all day long!

3. White trainers

white trainers

These are the perfect tool for that elusive ‘smart casual’ look that we all strive to get right every weekend! Got a nice floral sun dress? Pop a pair of white trainers with it to ‘casual’ it up a little, same goes with a maxi – LOVE a maxi and trainers – add a straw fedora hat to the mix for some extra special cool.

Then on those days when all you feel like is jeans, trainers give you that cool, slightly hipster edge with the added bonus of comfort!

4. Black ankle boots

black ankle boots

These should be your main winter staple shoe. The end. Find one with a low-ish solid heel you can wear all day and you will not need another pair of shoes for winter (despite this list!). Whether it’s with opaque tights and a dress or tucked into skinny jeans – this is THE shoe you should run out and buy this instant. Go.

5. Statement heels

statement shoes

I don’t care if you don’t wear heels or can’t walk in them – learn. Every girl should own at least one (50 if you are me) pair of STATEMENT heels. They can be a bright colour, covered in glitter or phenomenal in any way. They are those shoes you pull out when you need (or just want) to smash it out of the park.

6. Tan sandals

tan sandals

This is the summer equivalent of the black ankle boot for winter. They go with EVERYTHING! Pretty sun dress – check. Jeans and a singlet – check. Maxi skirt and tee shirt – check. Any outfit you think you might wear in summer, add a pair of tan sandals and it works! See?

7. Ballet flats


Now I’m not going to tell you a colour (black or nude) but these should be a staple that you get use out of MOST of the year! Only those few weeks when it’s freezing, and those few when it’s stinking hot might not work. Every other week in the year these are a great (and comfortable) addition to any shoe-robe.

Walk to work in them and then swap into your heels behind your desk, keep a pair by the door for when you need to take OFF you uggs and head to the grocery store or just alternate with your white trainers to get that casual look going with almost anything.

8. Black riding boots
black riding boots

These are not as yucky as they sound – they are just a flat, black boot. Similar to the black ankle boots you just ran out and bought, a black flat boot will take you through winter.
They are long enough to hide those merino socks you are wearing to keep your toes warm, plus they look great over those skinny jeans we are all STILL wearing!. These are worth investing in, so look for a nice soft leather, get them re-heeled and re-soled every few years and you will have them forever! I promise!

9. Coloured sandals

coloured sandals

Just to add a pop of colour into your shoe-robe. These are a great summer buy to give any outfit a pop of colour! Choose a colour you love, buy a matching necklace and you are accessorized for the summer!

10. Ugg boots

no uggs

Wait. What? But only if you promise you will NEVER wear them outside your house, OK?

I definitely have these 10 shoes in my wardrobe (and probably a few more) but in my mind, these are the essentials – do you think I missed any? Tell me what your essential shoes are – I’d love to know!

Cait xoxo


    • Awwe I love your blog too, so we’re both happy xx I definitely need to work on my shoe-robe though, I’m missing quite a few items on the list!

  • Not much time to write sorry… Have to rush out and buy some white trainers to wear with my maxi .. Love this idea, thank you!

  • I’m missing a few on the list too! Definitely am sold into the idea of a nude wedge after reading this post x

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