Sunday Brunch: Toasted Bagels With Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon

smoked salmon bagels I don’t mind a little rain in the Winter. Rainy weekends are the perfect excuse to sleep in a bit longer, indulge in a some bad reality TV and have brunch in bed. ‘Smoked salmon and creamy scrambled eggs’ is my favorite thing to make at home. I generally serve the eggs on toast but bagels really take the dish to another level.

I’ve included my go-to recipe below. The touch of cream may seem a little bit indulgent already but if you really feel like going ‘all out’ then how about turning this into a champagne breakfast? You might not leave your bed for the entire day but hey, I’m not judging!

brunch preparation

creamy scrambled eggs

bagels with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon

bagels with smoked salmon

Toasted Bagels W/ Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon


4 eggs
4 slices of smoked salmon
1 tbs of butter
1 tbs cream
1 tbs chives, chopped
2 Bagels, halved horizontall
Salt & pepper to taste


♥ Whisk the eggs, cream and chives together in a bowl.

♥ Melt the butter in a non-stick frying pan over medium heat.

♥ Put your bagels in the toaster.

♥ Turn the heat down to low and add the egg mixture to the pan. As soon as the eggs begin to set, gently move them around with a spatula until soft curds begin to form.

♥ Take off the heat immediately (the eggs will continue to cook after you take them off the heat).

♥ Butter your toasted bagels and top with scrambled eggs and strips of smoked salmon. Season with a touch of salt and pepper and garnish with a sprinkle of chives.


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