A Traditional French Sunday Lunch

Today, I’m sharing the details of a little party I threw for my grand father last year.

When I visited him in France in September, he asked me if I wouldn’t mind organising a lunch for a few of our family friends and of course – I was more than happy to oblige! I had originally decided on a German food theme (as a nod to Octoberfest which was about to start in Germany) but after someone gifted my grandfather two kilos of gorgeous apples from their garden, I went for a Fall-inspired lunch instead. I put together a very traditional French menu and tried to use as much local and in-season produce as possible.

In true French fashion, the lunch turned into an almost 4-hour long event and was filled with multiple food courses, a whole lotta good wine, and fun conversations. What more could you ask for really?

Here are all the pretty party details:

The Decor

Another reason why I chose a fall-inspired theme for this party was because it really worked with the decor of my grandfather’s appartment. I’m a big believer in working with your surroundings when it comes to choosing a party theme and my grandfather’s dark wooden table, china, and embroided chairs already had a strong fall vibe.

The only items I added to the table were:

  • a floral center piece (to add a bit of life to the room and to echo the design of the dining room chairs)
  • some lovely burgundy candles (because nothing screams ‘fall’ more than the color burgundy ;)).
  • simple place cards which I attached to the apples we had been gifted

The Menu

I designed a traditional French menu based on dishes I knew my grandfather loved and what ingredients were in season. After a few trips to the local markets and raiding my grandmother’s cooking books, I served the following to our guests:

  • Aperitif: A charcuterie platter which I served alongside our pre-lunch drinks (as well as a selection of chips, olives, and other cocktail nibbles.)
  • Entree: Roasted figs wrapped in jambon de bayonne (cured ham) and filled with french goat cheese
  • Main course: ‘Coq au Riesling’ (chicken braised in a riesling based sauce), served with peas, potatoes, and sautees string beans
  • Salad course: Bitter salad served with roasted pears
  • Cheese course: a selection of local cheeses served with bread and fresh fruit
  • Dessert: an apple cake and an apple pie which was kindly brought by one of our guests
  • Coffee/tea served with an assortment of macarons and chocolates
  • Digestives liqueurs: Cognac or Genepi (a liqueur from the Alps) for those who wanted it.

Despite it being a lot of work (I probably could have bought the dessert rather than make it for example) I was very happy with how everything turned out! It was a very fun afternoon and everyone seemed delighted with their meal (though it could have been the liqueur talking but hey – I’ll take it ;) ).

Next week, I’ll be sharing the details of my Halloween movie night –  stay tuned! xx