Ultimate Fashion Icons: Brigitte Bardot

Fashion Inspiration: Brigitte Bardot


Topshop dress, 87 NZD / RED Valentino striped top, 480 NZD / Burberry long trench coat, 2,270 NZD / True Religion skinny pants, 280 NZD / Repetto patent leather shoes, 335 NZD / Tom Ford mirrored sunglasses, 385 NZD / Volcom floppy hat, 36 NZD / Maybelline , 7.27 NZD / Tocca rose perfume, 83 NZD / Lancel Le Brigitte Bardot Stone, 105 NZD

Whenever I feel uninspired by my Wardrobe or feel like a little style re-invention, I always turn to old photographs of classic Fashion icons for inspiration. Marilyn, James Dean, Jacquie O….These were men and ladies that not only defined their fashion eras but whose style truly stood the test of time. So I thought I would share some of my favorites with you through a 10 part mini series. I would also love to hear about your favorite style icons! Who inspires you and who would you love to see featured in the series?

Brigitte Bardot: The Ultimate Sex Kitten

In her 60’s heydays you would have been hard pressed to find a man who did not consider Brigitte Bardot, or BB, to be the ultimate sex symbol. Serge Gainsbourg wrote songs for her, fashion designers adored her and she was even chosen to be the first face of Marianne, the Liberty symbol of France.

She was ahead of her time in many ways and her bohemian looks had a huge influence on the fashion and beauty world. Her signature messy up-do, cat eye make-up and sexy nude pout are still being emulated in photo shoots today. She is also credited for popularizing the Bikini through her movies and for taking the ballet flat from the stage onto the streets.

The epitome of French chic, BB retired from the entertainment industry at 39 to, in her words, ‘get out elegantly‘.

Signature items: Ballet Flats, Bikinis, Bardot neckline tops, clinched waist dresses

Signature hair & make up: Black eye liner, nude lips, messy up-do, hair bands