Ultimate Fashion Icons: Madonna

Ultimate Fashion Icons - Madonna
Alexander McQueen shirt/ Chunky high heels / Talullah Tu star earrings / 2b rhinestone cuff bracelet/ ASOS jewelry / Uniqlo trilby hat / Jupe By Jackie sparkly belt / Dolce & Gabbana acetate sunglasses / Sass & Bide chain belt/ MAC Cosmetics bright lipstick / Hell Bunny Tutu short skirt black Hell Bunny

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This is part 3 of a 10 part mini-series dedicated to fashion icons who not only defined their fashion eras but whose sense of style has stood the test of time. You can see more of this series by clicking on the ‘Ultimate fashion icons’ tag.

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If any performer ever deserved the title of Fashion Icon then it would surely be Madonna. Since bursting onto the music scene in the early 80’s, Madonna (born Madonna Louise Ciccone) has managed to constantly re-invent not only her music but her image as well.

Always bordering on the controversial, she has never been afraid to push the fashion boundaries. At the beginning of her career she ruled the pop music scene with ripped tights, ballet skirts, lacey gloves and jewelled crucifixes. And who could forget the avant-garde cone bustier designed by Jean Paul Gaultier for the ‘Blonde Ambition’ tour in 1990 or the Geisha outfit she rocked at the Grammys in 1999? For ‘Confession on a dance floor’ she exuded disco glam and showed off her amazing body in a 70’s pink ensemble.

Her style might have evolved over the years but Madonna’s love for lace, crosses and bustier dresses remains to this day. At 54, she’s also not done shocking us: she was a show stopper at the 2013 Met gala dressed in a Givenchy Punk Outfit complete with fishnets, chains and no underwear!

Queen of Pop you say? Well, Queen of Fashion too.

Signature items: Underwear as outerwear (bras, bustiers tops and corset dresses), lace, crucifixes, bangles, hair bands

Hair & Make up: red lipstick, strong brows