Travel Diary: Vientiane, Laos (January 2013)


As my mother is originally from Laos it’s always a special experience when I get to visit her home country with her. I met up with my parents in Vientiane and since it was the end of my holiday we decided to just stay and relax in the capital.

Vientiane is probably one of the most laid back capitals in the world – Lao people love to enjoy life at a slow pace and the whole city is beautifully serene and peaceful. After bustling Vietnam and Thailand it was lovely to be able to cross the road without having a heart attack and to walk around the city without bumping into big crowds.

I particularly enjoyed visiting ‘Pha That Luang’, one of the city’s most famous landmarks, and its surrounding pagodas. In one of the pagoda’s gardens, under a fig tree, was a wonderful display of Buddha statues, each representing a day of the week. The picture I took below represents Wednesday which is my mother’s birthday – it commemorates the day Buddha first collected alms from his followers. In a nearby temple was a giant sculpture of a reclining Buddha which was equally stunning.

In the evenings, I got to indulge in my favorite Lao desserts such as coconut custard, sweet sticky rice and deep fried banana. I dread to think of what it did to my waist line but it was sure good for the soul!

Unfortunately Mark couldn’t join me and my parents in Laos but I really hope to take him there one day. There are definitely many more visits to this beautiful country to look forward to…

DSC02313 smaller



DSC02101 - Copy




temple in laos


chicken larb

DSC02131 smaller - Copy


ice cream vendor in vientiane


vientiane temple

DSC02194 smaller

buddhist temple

buddha garden


temple statue

statue in buddhist temple

sleeping buddha


encens burning