Easy Feasts: A Vietnamese Inspired Menu

Vietnamese menu ideas

Before my trip to Vietnam a few years ago, my knowledge of Vietnamese food was pretty much limited to Pho and Spring Rolls. Not that I’m dissing these two dishes in any  way (I would happily wolf down a huge bowl of hot spicy pho right now) but I’m definitely glad that my trip encouraged me to expand my food horizons and try some new dishes. Everything I ate during my holiday ended up being incredible and it made my love for Vietnamese food even stronger!

What I love most about Vietnamese cuisine is that even though some of the dishes seem simple at first, they are always full of flavor. Vietnamese people also use a lot of fresh herbs and vegetables in their cooking so every dish somehow feels fresh and light.

If you’d like to host a Vietnamese dinner party, here are some dishes which I think would make for a great menu:

Appetizers: Banh Khot (Mini Shrimp Pancakes)


If you’ve never tried Vietnamese pancakes before then I urge you to make this recipe immediately. It even comes with a video!

Get the recipe at Danang Cuisine.

Entree: Banh Cuon Chay (Vegetarian Steamed Rice Rolls)

vietnamese banh cuon

I am obsessed with Banh Cuon these days and this vegetarian version sounds even better than the traditional pork one!

Get the recipe at The Viet Vegan.

Main course: Bo Luc Lac (‘Shaken’ Beef Bowl with Hoisin Sauce)


How pretty does that bowl look? Looking at this picture is making me hungreee.

Get the recipe at Half Baked Harvest.

Dessert: Banh Cam (Sesame Balls)

banh-cam dessert

I have a feeling this sesame balls are incredibly more-ish and that you’d eat a whole lot of them without even realizing it. Oh well, I’m willing to take the risk…

Get the recipe at Hungry Huy.

Beverage: Iced Coffee

coffee 1

Because you’ll probably need a little pick me up after all this food ;)

Get the recipe here.


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