What I Wore: Back To Black


Although I’ve been trying to incorporate a few more colorful pieces into my wardrobe lately, I must admit that black is still my favorite color to wear.  Now I could tell you that this is probably due to my ‘Parisian roots’ and my inner ‘French neutral aesthetic’ but really – it comes down to fashion laziness.

I love that you can always look ‘chic’ without putting in too much effort when you’re wearing black (obviously you can’t just rock out in black trackies everyday but you know what I mean…) and I also like that it saves you from having to have co-coordinate colors and patterns.  Plus, I’m very lucky that black is one of my ‘colors‘ (I’m a winter) which means that I have an excuse for owning so much of it!

I always admire people who can pull off color though (they always look so god damn happy and radiant!) so I’m still hoping to turn my wardrobe into a beautiful rainbow of colors one day. In the meantime though, I think I’ll let my inner goth French girl shine…

How about you? Do you wear a lot of black or are you one of those lucky people who can rock color? (if so, I need tips please:)

option 2 a

another shoe option


Dress – Glassons
Shoes – Mina Martini c/o Clutch Those Heels
Bag – Mango


  • Yeah I would totally agree with this. Black is just the perfect clothes colour for me. I always feel comfortable but confident, sexy, smart and sophisticated all at the same time – magic! I try and wear colour now and again but I mostly feel like I’m kidding myself and I go back to black.

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