What I Wore: Dashing Through The Snow


When I arrived in the French Alps last week, I was really shocked to see that the temperatures were nowhere as cold as I had expected. Temperatures around this time are usually around -10/-15 degrees in Chamonix Mt Blanc so to be met with +8 degrees sunny days instead was a nice surprise (especially since I hadn’t packed enough sweaters and was coming from 28 degrees in Australia).

Of course this ‘mild’ weather hasn’t been great news for everyone. Many businesses around here rely on ski tourism so with no snow to speak of, things weren’t looking so bright for the Christmas season. When it finally snowed on Wednesday night, everybody breathed a sigh of relief. It might not have been the snow storm people were hoping for but it was enough to paint the town white and put everyone in a cheery Christmas mood.

I’m always like a little kid when there’s snow around so as soon as it stopped snowing I couldn’t wait to head out and play. My shoes might have been a tad impractical (if anyone lives in chamonix and has spare snow boots please feel free to send them my way :) ) but I still had a lot of fun making snowballs and gliding around (I say ‘gliding’ but really it should be called ‘almost slipping on my derriere every step I took’). I also had this annoying lovely Christmas song stuck in my head for the whole day thus the title of this post! (ps. is it stuck in your head too now?;) )

Happy holidays!

Snow outfit
Jacket and Sweater by Zara, Jeans by Glassons, Boots by Novo, Hat and gloves from a little shop in Chamonix.

snow outfit 4 throwing snowball snow outfit 2 snow outfit 16 snow outfit 17 snow outfit 7


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