What I Wore: Like Mother, Like Daughter?

cannes outfit 3

My mum and I have a very, very different sense of style. I love her deeply of course but let’s just say that I’m more of a classic-with-a-twist kind of gal whilst she takes color blocking and print clashing to a whole new level. Seriously – Lady Gaga’s got nothing  on my mum.

So when my mum told me she had bought me a scarf during her recent trip to Morocco, I probably didn’t get quite as excited as I should have. I was grateful of course, but in the back of my mind I was also ready to wear said scarf a couple of times before hiding it at the back of my cupboard forever (don’t judge – you know you’ve done that too).

That is until I actually saw the scarf. And absolutely loved it. And then proceeded to wear it almost everyday for the rest of my holiday in France…

So I guess there’s only two potential explanations for this sudden common taste with my mother:

A) The Burberry-like print is such a classic that it would appeal to almost anyone.


B) I’ve officially turned into my mother.


cannes outfit 2
cannes outfit 6
cannes outfit 4
cannes outfit 1
Dress & Tights – Glassons
Shoes – H&M
Glasses – Louis Vuitton
Scarf – Gifted

Photos taken near Cannes


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