What I Wore: On Holiday


If you’ve been following Pretty Mayhem for a while (thank you – I love you), you may have noticed that it’s been some time since I posted any travel content. I considered starting up a new separate travel blog for a while before finally deciding to bring travel back to Pretty Mayhem! To kick it off, I’m sharing some of the outfits I wore during my recent holidays with you today!

I’ll also be posting more travel related posts in the future so if there’s a topic you’d like to see me tackle like packing guides, city guides etc. then let me know in the comments!


When the time came to prepare for our recent trip to Europe my original goal was to pack as lightly as possible. I knew that Mark and I would be moving around a lot and I really didn’t want to carry a huge suitcase around with me for three weeks. However, since we were visiting three countries with varying climates and attending a few family events along the way I also knew that I couldn’t just pack bikinis and call it a day either (I’m still longing for that kind of holiday). So in the end I opted for a medium sized bag. I packed key versatile pieces that were easy to mix and match for everyday wear and I also brought a few extra dresses for special outings and parties.

Here are a few of the outfits I wore during my time away:


We had a two-day stop over in Singapore on our way to Europe which was a great way to break up the 30 hour journey. It was lovely and hot when we visited but it was also very humid which is why I changed out of my pants and into a dress as soon as we got to our hotel! I also wore ballet flats the whole time we were there which were perfect for sight seeing and shopping.

singapore outfit
Minkpink dress, Rubi shoes
singapore outfit 2
Zara tee shirt, H&M skirt



After Singapore we headed to Rome where we met up with friends from New Zealand. It was hot and sunny there as well (Oh how I miss those days!) but since it was much dryer than in Singapore it felt much milder. I got to dress up a bit more in Rome too as we explored a few bars and restaurants in the Trastevere area with our friends. During the day I wore mainly dresses and skirts except for when we visited churches (I always try to cover my legs and shoulders when I visit religious sites).

rome outfit 4
Zara top, Glassons pants, Rubi shoes.
rome outfit 3
Kate Sylvester skirt, Zara tee shirt, Rubi shoes
rome outfit 2
H&M top and skirt, Rubi shoes.
rome outfit
Leonard st dress, Wittner shoes


The weather in France turned out to be very similar to Italy apart from a few cold rainy days at the beginning of our trip. When we were in the South of France I lived in my shorts as they were perfect for the beach and lounging in the sun. Except on the day of our vow renewal ceremony of course (held for my grand father who couldn’t be at our NZ wedding) when I got to wear a shortened version of my wedding dress! It was so great to be able to wear it again (and to see it still fitted, phew! :).

In Provence, I wore my trousers a lot as I wanted to be comfortable and be able to walk in the vineyards and to the villages.

When I was in the Alps I got a new haircut and some bangs! I also took advantage of the extra space in my suitcase and did a spot of shopping…

beach outfit
Topshop top and Zara shorts
in the south of france
Zara shorts and top
in provence
Portmans top, Glassons pants
wedding dress
Altered wedding dress (original by Sera Lily)
in annecy
Portmans top, H&M skirt and shoes
in le trayas
Glassons romper, H&M Bag, Wittner shoes


    • Thank you so much Rachel, I decided to have it shortened the week before I left (because I’m crazy like that lol) and just took it to the alterations place down the road from my house. The lady did a great job at cutting the dress short and adding in straps though, I was so happy with how it turned out :)

    • Thanks Courtney, it was fun selecting the photos, it made me re-live my sunny holiday all over again ;)

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