What To Pack In Your Fashion Emergency Kit

What to pack in your Fashion Emergency Kit


Wardrobe malfunctions have a tendency to strike at the worst possible time. Whether you‘re rushing out to an interview or going on a first date you can bet that this is the moment your shirt’s button will suddenly decide to pop or that you’ll spill coffee all over yourself. So listen to your inner Girl Scout and always ‘be prepared’ with this Fashion Emergency Kit. The following items will fix any little fashion mishap you may encounter and the best news is that they will fit into even the smallest bag!

1- Needles & Threads

You can’t go past the old needles and thread to quickly fix buttons and rips. A cheap mini version (you know – the ones you get in Christmas crackers or $2 shops) would do just fine but a pre-threaded version could save you a little time if you’re under pressure. And if you don’t know how to sew a button here’s a video that shows you how to do it.

2- Stain remover wipes

You could also go for a ‘Tide To Go’ pen here as they are little miracle workers as well and will take even less space in your bag. I prefer wipes (ps. baby wipes also work a treat) because I find them easier to use, especially when it comes to larger deodorant or coffee stains. Ultimately, it’s up to your personal preference!

3- Fashion Tape

If you only have space for ONE item in your bag then this should be the one. Fashion tape will fix a falling hem, keep a bra or shoe strap in place and ensure that your cleavage remains appropriate (let’s aim for Duchess Kate rather than Janet please). When I worked on film sets everybody swore by ‘Top Sticks’ but unless you’re wearing a toupee I find that cheaper brands work just as well.

4- Nipple concealers

I sure wish I had known about these babies much earlier – let’s just say I could have spared myself a lot of embarrassment during my high school swimming lessons… Anyway, these are also useful if you don’t like to wear padded bras or can’t wear a bra at all with a low cut dress.

5- Bobby pins

Whereas my friend Lilly can create the most amazing up-do’s with just a few pins I’m always left with a bushy mess on my head after just a couple of hours. Bobby pins also have a tendency to disappear on me (where do they go???) so I always carry a few extras in my bag.

6- Lint removing sheets

If you have a cat then you will understand why these sheets are a necessity. If I had a dollar for every time someone pointed at my once-black coat at work and said ‘Oh how cute, do you have a white cat?’ I’d be a millionaire by now…

7- Safety pins

This is my second favorite item in case of fashion emergencies: broken bra straps, a skirt that’s too loose and keeps moving around, a falling hem…all of these problems can be fixed at the tip of a safety pin!

8- Band aids

When it comes to heels we all have a tendency to go for looks over comfort (unless you’re over sixty and shop at Kumfs – in which case you’re the smarter one really). A few dance moves and we are left limping around, desperately looking for a seat to perch on and sulk for the rest of the night. So slap a band aid on it and get dancing lady!!!