All Dressed Up: What To Wear To A Bachelorette party

what to wear to a bachelorette party


Bachelorette parties (or ‘Hen parties’ as we often call them on this side of the world) are always synonymous with fun. For the bride-to-be it’s a chance to finally relax after months of wedding planning. For her girlfriends, it’s an opportunity to celebrate their friendship and send her off to married life in style. Of course, Hen parties are also the perfect time to be a little naughty and let loose but since I think we can all agree that ‘what happens at a Bachelorette party stays at a Bachelorette party‘ I thought we’d just skip to the second best thing about this girly event: the outfits!

I’ve rounded up a few tips below which I hope will help you make that oh-so-important decision of what to wear to your next Hen do. I’d also love to hear about what you like to wear to a Bachelorette party; do you generally go all out or are you more a LBD kind of lady? Let me know in the comments!

Dress for the occasion. Every Bachelorette party and bride is different so what you wear will greatly depend on what type of event the bridesmaids (or whoever is in charge) have put together for her. You will have most likely received an invitation with all of the party details inside but if that’s not the case, don’t be scared to ask for more info from the bridal party. Here are a few important questions to ask: is it a day or night time event? Is there a dress code? Will you be doing any physical activities (i.e. a dance class). Based on this info you’ll already have a much better idea of what to wear.

I’ve put together some outfits above to get your fashion juices going but if you’re still feeling stuck then you could always go for the old classics: a fun printed dress for the day and a LBD at night. Just make sure you wear something that’s reasonably comfortable as you will probably be moving around a lot.

 It’s all about the bag. Make sure that you also choose the right bag for the party. A small bag or clutch might be fine for a lunch but if you’re going out dancing then you’ll probably want to opt for a cross-over bag instead.

If the party is likely to go from day to night or to last more than 5 hours then I’d suggest taking a larger bag along and bringing a change of shoes with you (your feet will thank you the following day). A blazer/cardigan could also be a good idea depending on the weather.

♥ Have some fun with it. Like I said, Bachelorette parties are meant to be fun so don’t be scared to be a little more daring in your outfit and to try something new. That gorgeous sequined dress you bought ages ago but never got around to wearing on the account that it was too dressy? Well, it’s the perfect time to get it out of your wardrobe! Unless the dress code is ‘casual’, chances are all of the other girls will be dressing up to0!

Bold accessories are also welcome. Your new shoes will finally get all the oohs and ahhhhs they deserve from a crowd of appreciative ladies and everyone will be asking you where you got that gorgeous clutch from. You could even do something different with your hair or make up. I personally love to rock a really smokey eye on a girl’s night out but a touch of glitter could be amazing too!

Keep it classy. There’s a fine line between ‘fun and sexy’ and ‘tacky’ so although you should be having fun with your outfit all of the usual fashion rules still apply here. No one wants to see your underwear. If your boobs are falling out of your top every time you lean over then it’s probably not the right choice. Tights aren’t pants…you get the drift!

Also, at the risk of sounding like a party pooper, remember that the amount of alcohol you have can have some dramatic consequences on the way you carry your outfit. A straight posture, bright eyed and overall confident girl will rock a Bodycon dress no problem but a drunken girl hunched over a toilet bowl and with her friend holding her hair? Not so much. Water is your friend here.

Happy partying! xx