Trick Or Treat: Wicked Ideas For Your Halloween Party

Halloween party ideas Even though Halloween isn’t really widely celebrated in New Zealand whenever that time of the year rolls around I can’t help but feel a childish sense of excitement. It’s like my mind starts to automatically wander towards Halloween stuff and before I know it I’m looking up cheesy Horror flicks, crazy candy, and silly outfit ideas on the internet. Blame it on years of American  pop culture I suppose.

So rather than keep my Halloween obsession in the dark (pun intended) this year I thought I’d put my internet trawling to good use and make a list of Halloween party ideas for you. I think I’ll personally settle for a Halloween cocktail and a ‘Scream’ marathon at home (yes, I’m that old).

Wishing you a Frightful Halloween!

1- I love how easy this Jack Skellington manicure tutorial looks. Even though I’m sure I could manage to butcher it.

2- If you’re stuck on ideas on what to wear for Halloween this year, Buzzfeed has a list of pretty hilarious costume ideas at the ready!

3- Alternatively you could go with this awesome Beetlejuice look.

4- There are many versions of these Wicked Witch cupcakes all over the internet but these are the ones that I loved the most . I mean – how CUTE are they? I have a feeling they might be delicious too…

5- These Bloody Shirley Temples could become so much more interesting with a splash of vodka, don’t you think?

6- I think these mummy shaped hot dogs are all I would need at a party. Any party.

7- Plastic fangs make for cheap and easy Halloween place holders. You could also use them as cocktail decorations.

8- To create a spooky ‘frozen hand’ simply fill a non-powder latex glove with water (fastening the end with a rubber band) and put it in the freezer overnight.  When frozen simply take off the glove and put the hand in your favorite punch. Spooktacular!

9- If you’re hosting a Halloween Cocktail party (ps. can we be friends?) then make sure to re-label your alcohol bottles with Halloween inspired titles such as ‘Poison’, ‘Arsenic’ or ‘Witches brew‘. Cause ‘Jim beam’ never scared anyone (although it should).

Want even more Halloween ideas? Check out my Pinterest Halloween ideas board here.


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