A Winter Bucket List

winter bucket list

The reason why I love compiling seasonal bucket lists so much is that they never fail to get me excited about the months ahead. Even the Winter months which, considering my feelings for cold weather, is saying a lot. Sure, I don’t always tick everything off my list but it’s still a lot of fun trying to do so!

This year I’m cheating a little and escaping to sunny France for a few weeks but since I’ll be back just in time for the peak of Winter, I’ll still get plenty of time to freeze my butt off enjoy the cold season.

Here’s my Winter bucket list for this year:

♥ Visit a Winter Market

♥ Complete a fun DIY project (most likely this awesome DIY headboard)

♥ Infuse Bourbon with apple and cinnamon and make a delicious hot toddy

♥ Build a blanket fort and watch an old movie with my honey

♥ Drive to the nearest ski resort and go for a long walk in the snow

♥ Start a book club

♥ Learn how to use my SLR camera’s manual settings

♥ Watch 5 new foreign films

♥ Bake cookies and make the whole house smell like chocolate and vanilla

♥ Rent a private Karaoke room with friends (and sing all of my favorite 90’s tunes)

What are some of your favorite things to do in Winter? Do you have any seasonal traditions?

ps. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere then check out my summer to do list!